Get Packing! The World’s Top Five Erotic Vacations

Sexy girl on erotic vacation at sex resortAre Erotic Vacations on your bucket list of things to experience? If you answered yes, then get ready to discover some of the best erotic vacations in the world to let loose and take your naughty side over the top.

The concept of the ‘bucket list’ of experiences has really taken off in the last few years.

After all, we've all had private lists of things we want to do in our lives in the back of our minds pretty much since birth. However, it’s only recently that people are deciding to actually do something about them.

But what if you’re not the kind of person who just has to ride a camel once before they die? What if your tastes run to the more erotic or adventurous side of things?

Maybe you're ready to discover a great sex resort? Good news my friend, you are not alone!

This wonderful world is teeming with like-minded people looking for the opportunity to let loose and experience as much of their selves as they can before their time is up. You're not the only one looking to plan a swinger getaway or sex vacation.

Little known but much adored, there are a variety of erotic and adventurous vacation spots to meet girls, and also events that have been developed to cater to such folks.

Exotic and fully supportive of your basic human right to let yourself go, these erotic vacation experiences are not to be missed. Let the rest of the world be happy petting a gorilla…isn’t it time you fulfilled those urges you spend so much time suppressing?

The top five erotic vacations in the world represent the ideal spot for you to discover exactly how it feels to truly ‘let it all hang out’. By the time you’re finished the list, you’ll probably already have your speedo packed. Or not, depending on your destination!

Best Erotic Vacations for Open-Minded Adults

5. Hedonism II

The most recognizable of the resorts due to its rather aggressive advertising campaign, Hedonism II could easily be considered a ‘starter’ resort for those just beginning their erotic vacation adventure. Located in lush Negril, Jamaica the resort is surrounded by exotic nature and private beaches.

Assuring visitors that there can be ‘never too much of a good thing’; your stay at hedonism is all-inclusive with even the option to tip or not depending on your mood! Your visit includes nightly entertainment, land and water sports, fine cuisine and accommodations worthy of top shelf hotels. Mingling is encouraged and of course…clothing is optional.

4. Bliss Swingers Cruise

Although not technically a resort, this floating hotel of pure sensuality is one of the better erotic vacations for singles or couples looking to ‘expand their repertoire’. From the moment you step on board, you are presented with a massive array of adult only entertainment and activities specially designed to inspire naughtiness.

From theme nights to parties, the aim of the crew is to provide you with everything you could possibly ask for. Like traditional cruises, you’ll stop at ports along the way to explore with your new found friends and can even take a break from the decadence with some quiet time in the on board library…if you really need it. With incredible destinations, you can literally swing your way around the globe! This erotic vacation does cater to more couples then singles.

3. Desire Resorts

A favorite for couples in a relationship that has, forgive the pun, petered out somewhat, Desire Resorts aim to ignite passion and inspire erotic fantasy. All-inclusive and completely clothing optional, these resorts are situated in the sensual heat of the Mayan Riviera. You will be surrounded by world-class amenities, white sand private beaches and the kind of deluxe accommodations you would expect from an exclusive, top quality erotic vacation.

Enjoy yoga, aqua fitness and even erotic workshops to help you and/or your partner explore your sexual potential deeper. In the evenings, guests are encouraged to attend the spectacularly sexy performances in the nightclubs and private party rooms. Masquerade night, schoolgirl night..even circus night – no sensual stone is left unturned at Desire.

2. Sea Mountain Resort

Voted one of the top things to do before you die by Playboy magazine, this secluded resort is a celebrity favorite and caters to couples and single females only. So private that you only receive directions once you book your trip, your discretion and complete enjoyment is virtually guaranteed. Located in a private desert hot springs in Southern California, Sea Mountain Resort is like a five star spa and boutique hotel with a sexy twist.

Nudity is encouraged in all areas of the resort from the gorgeous natural hot springs and swimming pool to the Taboo Lounge, the resort’s 24-hour club. You’ll dine on gourmet dishes, indulge in premium cocktails and receive the kind of restorative spa treatments you’d expect from a VIP Californian resort. With limo service to and from the secret spot and even a private jet should you require one, Sea Mountain is one of the most decadent erotic vacations you’ll ever enjoy.

1. Senses Private Club

Erotic girls on sexy vacation Most of the erotic vacations cater to couples but Senses Private Club welcomes discerning singles (male & female) as well as couples. A stay at Senses is truly a bucket list experience for anyone in pursuit of the ultimate adult only vacation.

Located on the popular East Coast of the Dominican Republic, Senses indulges each and every guest that walks through its gates with nothing but the best in service and an open-minded attitude.

Upon arrival, each guest has the option to choose one of the retreat’s knowledgeable and beautiful travel guides. These gorgeous, intelligent women are more than happy to show you what the area has to offer. Golf? Jungle trek? Paragliding? Gourmet tastings? How about soaking up some much needed tropical sunlight on their private catamaran?

At Senses Private Club you are guaranteed the kind of experience that will send you home a different person. Their motto is "Traveling Alone Doesn't Mean Being Alone".

What's on your erotic bucket list?

Yes there are a great many people in this world that want to see the Grand Canyon before they die. There are some who have an overwhelming urge to visit the Roman Coliseum or to hold a baby koala…there are plenty of places for those sweet souls to find joy.

However, if you are the sort that would rather hold the lithe body of a new found friend in your arms under a massive tropical moon or experience some new experiences with your partner – you’ll be much happier at any of the above establishments enjoying the erotic vacations of your dreams.

Everybody’s bucket list is different – your sex bucket list just happens to be a little wilder than others. Isn’t it great that you’re not alone?

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