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The Ideal Guest

Senses Private Club caters to sophisticated gentlemen and couples. We expect all of our members to be well mannered and respectful to our staff, travel guides and each other. This ensures a wonderful experience for all. We won’t accept anything less.

You don’t have to be wealthy to be a member at Senses Private Club but you do have to be respectful and well mannered. As any true gentleman can tell you, wealth is fine but it can’t buy class.

Senses Private Club is not for everyone. We understand that and also understand that all guests are not for us either. We are very selective in who may enjoy our private retreat and we hope you are just as selective in choosing a place you can unwind and enjoy new experiences and adventures.

Our beautiful travel guides are well educated, career minded women who have a passion for travel and adventure and enjoy meeting others who are educated, refined and considerate.

We are very protective of the privacy and overall experience enjoyed by all of our members.

The ideal guest at Senses will be educated, refined and considerate and appreciate the quality and sophistication that our private retreat provides. This ideal guest will gravitate to a vacation that offers an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication and knows the difference between seeking a 'deal', and appreciating high value and quality.

This ideal guest is warm and friendly and has a natural love and respect for women while being relaxed and laid back in nature.

The ideal ‘first-time’ guest won’t contact us with inappropriate and disrespectful questions, nor make comments related to inappropriate 'services' because they know we won't answer such questions. They fully understand this is a private club and as such all members know the meaning of ‘private’ and for the privacy of all members never discuss their personal experiences openly with strangers online or anywhere else.

This potential future member understands that since it’s their first time at our retreat, they’ll need to take a leap of faith (this first time) to really appreciate what we’re about. They know we are the only retreat to offer a 100% Guarantee to remove risk to them but still realize some things have to be experienced first to be fully appreciated.

So how do you become a member at Senses Private Club?
We make it simple. You make your reservation for your first vacation with us and you show up with a fun and relaxed attitude. If you do this you’ll have an amazing time and will be welcome to return as often as you like.

We take great pride in being an exclusive family at Senses and would love to welcome you as part of it. All of our members enjoy our retreat as their home away from home where they can relax in style and explore everything we have to offer.

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ page, or feel free to email us. You deserve the absolute best and we’re happy to help you plan the perfect vacation with us!

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About Senses Private Club

We offer the most sophisticated adult only retreat in the Caribbean for discerning gentlemen and couples. Relax and immerse yourself into a fantastic world of privilege and adventure with our beautiful travel guides. Follow us on Twitter@sensesvacations