Planning Your First Sex Vacation? Read This First!

Escorts on a sex vacation in the Dominican RepublicYour guide to the perfect sex vacation starts here. If you stopped the average Joe on the street and asked them to describe their perfect get away, you can be guaranteed it would include a whole list of clichés.

Beaches, swim up bars, pool side service, maybe even a visit from a famous cartoon character or two. These are truly the ingredients that constitute the average holiday.

What if you’re not the average person though? What if, like growing number of people worldwide, when you plan a getaway you’re looking for a little more than a monorail ride and a tacky souvenir?

Maybe you're looking for the adult adventure provided from a sex vacation.

A Sex Vacation Is For The Sexually Adventurous

It’s no secret that vacation sex is highly enjoyable. Something about being far removed from your everyday life and all of its stresses tends to make our appetites for sex grow and our inhibitions shrink.

For these reasons, sexual tourism and the "sex vacation" is quickly becoming more accepted in the mainstream. It's a legitimate travel experience today. It’s also a booming industry all across the globe.

The people have decided there’s plenty of things better to get by the pool than a tacky drink with an umbrella in it!

Preparing for your First Sex Vacation

If you're getting ready to plan your first sex vacation, there are quite a few considerations that you must take into account. Before you jump on an airplane and head to another country like the Dominican Republic do your homework.

It’s a massive industry that millions of tourists avail themselves to every year. But you need to be sure that you get the most out of your trip and come back not only in one piece, but packed full of exciting sexy memories.

GIrl on beach of sex vacation capital Domnican RepublicChoosing Your Spot For The Perfect Sex Vacation

Deciding where to travel for a sex vacation is a similar process to deciding where you’d go for any vacation. You need to take your style and comfort level into account.

There are those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture and there are those who would rather enjoy pure escapism. Which one are you?

The Down and Dirty to the Ultimate Sex Vacation

If you’re the backpacking type and love to ‘go local’, you may be satisfied with ‘club crawls’ throughout your chosen country.

Many bar girls and boys are waiting for your patronage worldwide. You simply need to find the venue suited to your style of enjoyment in a sex vacation.

Hundreds of adult clubs catering to sex tourists in these countries and it's prudent to take a peek at the many websites online before writing up your itinerary.

Private Escort Listings

You can also find many private listings for professional providers operating independently complete with photos and contact numbers.

On some sites men and women with similar appetites share their experiences freely. Some even recommending providers, or in some cases warning other clients away.

It’s an excellent way to ensure that you don’t waste your valuable time and money while you’re off on the sex vacation of your dreams.

Prefer the ‘James Bond’ Style of Sex Vacation?

Living the life on a sex vacationIf the ‘loose and free’ style of travel causes you more stress than enjoyment, you may be the perfect candidate for what is known as escort resort or escort sex vacation.

It's much safer and far more luxurious than independent exploring.

Sex Resorts

These resorts and private retreats are designed to give their patrons a full taste of adult paradise. Once you’ve arrived, you have your choice of willing escorts to hire to spend time with you during your stay.

These adult resorts are generally situated in areas of great natural beauty. They can include all the amenities you’d expect from any top of the line all-inclusive resort in the area.

Make sure you compare what is offered as that can be the big difference in price. Not all escort resorts or sex vacations are created equal.

What About Privacy?

Privacy is important with this type of tourism. If you're looking at good adult resorts then discretion should be a top priority. You should be assured that your credit card will be charged anonymously. The bottom line, they should make sure that your privacy will be well guarded.

They are not like clubs and brothels which are much shadier in their dealings. These escort resorts generally operate completely within the law. They are the safest and most enjoyable experience for most international travelers seeking to let their hair down on the ultimate sex vacation.

What’s more, because you’re not drunkenly stumbling from one seedy bar to another, your time can be spent having other experiences like golf, taking in the local culture or sightseeing.

Are Sex Vacations Safe?

Girl on vacation at sex resort

That depends. A sex vacation can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Away from home and the tiresome dating scene you’re used to, you have the opportunity to become your true sexual self – vibrant and adventurous.

However, the only thing you want to bring home with you is memories and all you want to lose is your inhibitions. It’s best to be cautious as much as you can.


Does it even bear mentioning that you need to wear protection? STDs don’t take holidays. They can be absolutely rampant in the low end sex tourism market. Practice common sense when you choose a provider and always ensure that you are securely wrapped up before any amusements begin.

The same can be said for your wallet as well – wrap it up, gents.

Many of the providers working in areas in which a sex vacation is common are accomplished in the fine art of the con. They have been known to convince hapless tourists to marry, buy property, support families and develop unfortunate commitments. Don't let that follow you back overseas and into your ‘real’ live.

There is also always the risk of having your passport, money and other crucial documents taken from you forcibly should things turn ugly.

Thinking of Going the Cheap Route?

This is particularly true if you choose to shy away from established escort resorts. Do you really want to find yourself wandering the streets looking for entertainment and a cheap sex vacation experience?

You tend to get what you pay for in this area and it pays to find a well established higher end option. Where the girls are not "working girls" but are enjoying some fun for themselves. Maybe earning some extra money and taking a break from their everyday life as well.

Keep your wits about you and trust your instincts. It’s better to be safe than well…in a shallow grave somewhere.

What About Sex Tourism Reviews?

As with any reviews online, be a bit skeptical. Remember these sex resorts and vacation spots are not the Hilton Hotel with 1000's of reviews on sites like Trip Advisor.

First off, most people going the sexy tourism route are not wanting to post legit reviews with their contact details or company info. That's normally what you're used to when reviewing other business types.

You'll also find that many reviews are just total b.s. left by competitors or reviewed by media outlets who have never even been on an adult vacation like this.

What Should You Look For In A Good Company?

Pay attention to the details on the site. Look for quality, consistent and clear messages. Trust your communication with the company. See if there are any past clients you can speak with, or people you actually know who have been on a sex vacation like the one you're interested in.

Men, women, couples, young and old…tourists are starting to develop an appetite for erotic vacations. Certainly there is a big enough market for it. There are more than enough legal providers willing to spend a little time in exchange for a little cash.

What's On Your Bucket List?

If you are in the market for the kind of death bed memory that will make you proud, there is plenty of opportunity for you worldwide. All you need to do is find the venue that suits your tastes. Experience for yourself why a sex vacation has become not only accepted, but celebrated by many.


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