Best Sex Resorts For Single Men – Complete Guide

Escorts in pool at one of the best sex resortsSo, you decided to finally take the plunge and take a vacation at one of the sex resorts you've heard about. Congratulations. You’re in for quite a treat.  We're talking about sex resorts full of beautiful, eager, and available women who only want to make sure your every desire is met.

Sounds pretty perfect, right? Well, guess what? It really is if done the right way. 

There’s a lot of information out there about sexcations and traveling to sex resorts but not all information is created equal. You want to make sure that you are well equipped to deal with every aspect of your sex vacation. 

Any time you decide to travel, it's important to do your research. It can be confusing with all the options available because the last thing you want is to spend a decent chunk of change and be disappointed in the end result.

No one wants to feel cheated. You need a vacation that will have amazing memories for years afterwards. This is especially true if you spend your hard earned money vacationing at a  sex resort. 

Some guys just want to find the best vacation spots to meet girls but maybe you want something more. So what do you want? The type of vacation that is the stuff of legends or a vacation that you’d just as soon forget? I know the type of vacation I would want. I know you do too.

What is provided for you is the complete guide to your next adult themed vacation. You’ll want to know a little of the history, what to expect, and how to get the most bang for your buck (pun intended).

History Of Sex Resorts

Ancient Greek sex orgyIt’s no mystery that people love sex. From the Greek and Roman orgies of ancient times to the popularity of adult websites on the internet, people love it. It’s in our commercials, it’s in our movies, it’s a huge part of the world’s culture.

You might not know much about the history of today’s modern sex resorts. It actually ties into the popularity of travel itself.

If you look back to ancient Rome, you are able to see the birthplace of the modern sex resort. The Romans had a culture that appreciated leisure. They created Baths that were a place designed for both men and women.

As time passed, the Romans started to include things like gyms, libraries, and even restaurants. All while having an anything goes type of atmosphere. 

The Baths eventually became a place of public leisure and were used for public health reasons. One of those reasons was the enjoyment of sex. Men and women could meet up and enjoy each other’s company in any way they desired. 

This was actually an active part of Roman culture. You can see it depicted in their artwork, writings, and other aspects of the history of Rome. They understood that people needed to relax and decompress from the stresses of their daily lives.

The invention of the modern Spa can be traced back to the 1400’s, ironically enough in a town in Norway now named Spa. They believed that the natural waters of the town had magical healing properties. As a result, people from all over flocked to bathe in these waters. 

In the 17th century, resorts became very popular with King Charles II. He loved to relax and enjoy time away from home. 

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Modern Twist

Fast forward to modern times. In the mid 1970’s, Jamaica became a hotbed of tourism. The government of Jamaica built what would be one of the first modern sex resorts under the name of “Negril Beach Village.” 

People flocked to the new resort. They could enjoy the natural surroundings all in an atmosphere where they were free to explore everything they wanted. Sex, food, travel, and everything in between could be had here.

Even though public nudity is considered illegal in Jamaica, the laws are not enforced. More sex resorts started popping up in the area and began to cater to nudists and swinger conventions in the off-season. 

Word got out and people started to flock to these unique, adult only resorts. The promise of sex, toned bodies, and the freedom to do what you want was captivating. Erotic vacations for naughty couples and singles was something starting to become more in demand.

Best Sex Tourism Countries

Tourists at tropical sex resortMany countries have become hotbeds in the sex tourism industry. Many of these destinations are popular simply because they cater to people planning for a sex vacation

With the popularity of these types of sex tourists, it’s no wonder why these countries have grown in popularity among tourists from all backgrounds. 


Thailand is more than just a hub for people looking to enjoy a sex vacation. This country has some amazing scenery. Temples and beaches are a main attraction for tourists from all walks of life. 

Thailand also is home to one of the largest populations of sex workers in the world. The capital is Bangkok and has a red-light district that is extremely popular. They have go-go bars and plenty of sex shows for all types of travelers.

Prostitution is a grey area in Thailand. It isn’t necessarily legal or illegal. The country understands the value of the sex tourism industry, and rarely enforces any laws they might have on the books. A few sex resorts have come on the scene the last few years to cater to men who prefer the beauty of Asian women.

The Netherlands

When you think of the term red-light district, most people automatically think of Amsterdam. The city is unapologetic when it comes to their sex industry. People from all over the world flock to this destination to enjoy everything the city has to offer. 

When you hit the red-light district in Amsterdam, you’ll quickly forget the other attractions of the city. You don’t even need to participate in any sex at all to enjoy the beautiful women on display in the windows of the district. Brothels are more common here then actual sex resorts that cater to the sex tourism market.


Cambodia is one of the lesser known areas for sex tourism. There are a large number of women who choose to work in the industry. They are mostly seen around the downtown bars and nightclubs in the larger cities. 

Even though tourism to Cambodia has started to increase, many of the customers are the local population. Prostitution is still illegal in Cambodia, but the laws are seldom enforced. This is helping to push Cambodia into the mainstream of today’s sex tourism industry and more sex resorts will likely start to pop up. 


Prostitution is completely legal in most parts of Germany. They have a lengthy history as part of the sex tourism industry. 

Germany actually advertises for jobs in the sex industry. Brothels are as much a part of German history as bratwurst. These houses are looked at as places that help to deter crime. 

The sex tourism industry is very strong in Germany. The locals have a much different attitude than you might see in other parts of the world. It’s just part of their lives, and it is very much accepted.


Spain is well-known as a party destination. This reputation has spread to the sex tourism industry as well. Spain has their own red-light districts that many party goers enjoy as part of the vibrant nightlife. 

Their open-minded attitude about sex helps to create a wonderful experience for many adult vacation tourists. Sex resorts are not widely advertised in Spain, however if cost is not a problem they do have beautiful villas available with escorts who are open to travel.


Two girls on sex vacation in BrazilBrazil is another country where prostitution is legal, however it's s not legal to own a brothel or to employ sex workers. Even though these regulations are in place, there are still plenty of brothels in all the major cities.

The Brazilian culture is one that is very sexual in nature. All you need to do is go to any major city during Carnival and you’ll understand why. The warm temperatures and scantily clad women are appealing to travelers of all interests.

While actual sex resorts in Brazil are not common many travelers will rent a private villa and bring in escorts for entertainment.


Sex tourism and sex resorts in Colombia are very active. Colombian women are widely considered to be some of the most beautiful women in the world. The sex industry is completely legal in Columbia. 

People travel from all over the world to enjoy everything that Colombia has to offer. While Colombia has had a reputation for being a dangerous place to travel, this has changed a lot over the years. 

It is quickly becoming a sought after destinations for people looking to take a sex vacation. 

The Philippines

The Philippines has a very large sex tourism industry even though there prostitution is illegal. The country became very popular during WWII when soldiers from all countries found a good time in The Philippines. It is estimated that over 800,000 people work in the sex industry in some capacity. 

More resort type operations and private villas that provide escort services are opening in some of the tourist areas. Crime can be a problem in some areas so make sure to always do your research on any particular area you're considering vacationing at. Although this advice should really be followed regardless of where you decide to vacation.

The Dominican Republic

Blond escort swimming at a resort in the Dominican RepublicOne of the top destinations for anyone looking for some of the best sex resorts is the Dominican Republic for a variety of reasons. The island has quickly gained a reputation for being the greatest sex tourism destination in the world.

In the late 1980’s the Dominican Republic became another popular destination for all types of tourists. You can stretch your dollar pretty far there and the sex industry in the Dominican is thriving. 

Prostitution is legal in the Dominican Republic. There is a basic philosophy. Consenting adults are free to do what you want with your own body. 

This has normalized the sex industry in the Dominican Republic. In fact, a good portion of the tourism economy is based on the work of people involved with sex. 

Why? It’s simple. The Dominican Republic is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The beaches, ocean, available amenities for all tourists make the Dominican a very desirable place to travel. 

Add to that their open-minded ideas about sex and sex work, and you have the ideal location for a sex resort. In the early 1970’s tourism only accounted for about 9 percent of the economy. By the mid 1990’s, that number rose up to 40 percent and today it's even higher.

Dominican Republic Sex Resorts Provide More Options

Another benefit to the Dominican Republic is the number of sex resorts in the area. They offer the same amenities as any other tropical resort, but with a wonderful twist. 

You can have that all-inclusive vacation of your dreams. The beauty here is that you can have that dream vacation all while enjoying some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Women from all over the world come to the Dominican Republic to work and play. It doesn’t matter what type of woman you desire, she can be found in the Dominican Republic sex resorts. 

Along with the sex industry, the Dominican has everything a traveler could possibly want or need. Shopping, beaches, and plenty of excursions keep tourists coming back year after year. Be sure to check out our "Divorced Guys Guide To A Dominican Republic Escort Vacation".

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The Internet And Sex Resorts

The internet has definitely helped to change the landscape of the sex tourism industry. Now, more than ever, people can easily research areas where they want to take their next adult vacation. Singles and couples both seek out the many opportunities online. Many blogs now exist that cater to swingers and open-minded adults.

Because of the ease of access, sex resorts have grown in popularity. You can now go online and search for the best resort to fit your travel and budget needs. 

One of the nice perks is that you can even get a preview of the types of women that are available at the resort. You can go online to the resort’s website and see all the options available to you. 

You are now your own adult travel agent. If you are looking for a specific amenity, or service, you have all that information at your fingertips. 

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of planning an erotic vacation. This is especially true when planning a sex vacation. Imagine the anticipation of the pleasures headed your way when you go online to book your next getaway. 

The All-Inclusive Resort

European escorts on vacation excursion in the Caribbean

When you are shopping around for the perfect adult resort, you’ll probably look at a few all-inclusive options. This is an attractive option because everything you need is included.

There are plenty of reasons why people might choose an all-inclusive option over other resorts. The main reason is that people feel that they get the most bang for their buck with an all-inclusive resort.

It can be difficult looking for a place to eat, or even to find something to do every day of your vacation. The planning process alone is time consuming and costly.

Most people look for an all-inclusive option when planning a tropical vacation. The main reason is that it saves them money and helps to create a stress-free environment when they travel.

So, what might be some of the main benefits in choosing and all-inclusive sex resort?

Bang for Your Buck

All-inclusive resorts tend to be cheaper than a traditional resort. At a traditional resort, you’re still stuck paying for all the extras. That means meals, drinks, and other amenities are not included.

Anyone who has ever had an enormous bar bill understands how frustrating this can be. You saved your money and planned out your vacation. Once you return, you end up having another large amount of money to pay off.

An all-inclusive resort is budget friendly. You know exactly how much it will cost and you can plan accordingly. 

Another benefit is that there are no additional fees. The only exception would be if you wanted to go on an excursion or a spa treatment that was not in the original reservation. This is a relatively minor cost compared to some of the other expenses.

Food Food Food

Chef preparing food at adult resortOne of the best parts of being on vacation is breaking your diet and enjoying yourself completely. With a traditional resort, this can get costly very quickly. Plus, you are often playing Russian roulette with your choice of dining options.

At all-inclusive sex resorts, your food is there and readily available. At the better adult properties you will usually have a private chef to prepare gourmet meals and also any special diet restrictions are catered to.

Another benefit to an all-inclusive sex resort? Knowing that all the delicious desserts that you indulge in are just the beginning of the dessert back in your room. 

Adults Only

Another obvious benefit with an all-inclusive adult themed resort, you are surrounded by other like minded adults.

No screaming kids. No arguing families. Just you, some beautiful women and all the fun you can possibly handle.

If you have ever mixed your adult fun into a stay at a traditional resort you'll understand the benefit of enjoying an adult only property.

Quality vs Budget

There’s the old saying of you get what you pay for. This is never as true as when you attempt to take a sex vacation on the cheap. 

When it comes to sex resorts, you don’t want to skimp. You want to ensure that the time you spend is well worth the money. 

There are plenty of options at the higher quality resorts that are sure to meet most people’s budget restrictions. You definitely don’t want to try to save money at all costs when paying for a sex vacation.

There are a few main differences between the luxury resorts and the cheaper alternatives but the overall experience will be very different. Remember, not all adult resorts are the same. A Kia or an Aston Martin will both get you down the road but one of them makes you feel a lot better about the experience.

Accommodations Matter

You want to make the most out of your vacation. Sure, anyone can get a cheap motel, find a willing woman and have sex. This is not a sex vacation. There’s a huge difference. 

At a luxury resort, the accommodations are far superior to the budget option. Think about the last time you had a great night’s sleep. We’re sure that the quality of the bed and your surroundings played a major role.

At a quality resort, you are guaranteed the most comfortable accommodations possible with much higher construction standards and upgraded finishes.

A high-end resort understands the necessity for making sure guests are truly relaxed. They are conscientious about their resort and ensure that their facilities and staff are world-class.

You don’t want to have to worry about things not working properly, unclean bedding, unkempt grounds, or subpar finishes that effect the quality of your experience. From the moment you step onto the property, you should feel like you have been transported to another world.

Check the Service and Staff

Girl giving massage to tourist at adult resortAny quality resort knows the value of customer service. That’s one of the biggest differences between a luxury resort and the cheaper competition. 

At a luxury resort, the guest comes first. At a sex resort, that has both a figurative and literal meaning. 

From the resort staff to the women you encounter, your experience should be unforgettable. The luxury resorts understand the need to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation and vacation bliss. 

They will make sure that your experience is top notch from the moment you set foot on the property. The staff will ensure that you are treated like a valued family member. Making sure you are comfortable, satisfied, and have the vacation of a lifetime.

Luxury sex resorts invests in ongoing training and support for staff to ensure the highest standards for their guest. If you've ever had a bad time at a resort with poor management and lack of proper training for staff you know how quickly this can wreck your overall experience. If a resort is operating on the cheap then they don't have the money to invest back into service and staff and you suffer because of it.

What about Amenities?

Any high quality resort has plenty of amenities available for their guests. From the pool to the beach to the activities available for guests, a high quality resort has everything a guest could need. 

Many of the budget resorts are trying to cut costs anywhere possible. This helps to keep their bottom line small and turn a profit. 

Little things like fresh towels and updated rooms are something that might get overlooked at a budget resort. The last thing you want is to get to a resort that looked great online, but failed to meet expectations in person. 

Often, people will get to their budget resort and want to upgrade to a better room. Maybe you want a view, or to upgrade to a suite. 

At the best sex resorts you are guaranteed that the amenities are the very best. You won’t need to ask for an upgrade because your room is exactly what you paid for. 

You won’t need to ask for fresh towels or lounge chairs because those things will be readily available and easy to find. In fact, you really shouldn’t have to ask for much. A great adult property will have all these things ready and at their guest’s disposal. 

Location is Key

Naked escort on nude beachSure that budget resort says it’s just minutes to the beach. What they don’t tell you is those are driving minutes. You’re stuck in a cab (you paid for) with a driver who doesn’t care if you get to your destination safely or not. 

That golf course that is right next to their property is not even close. There’s a bit of creative marketing with regard to good locations on the part of budget resorts. 

The best resorts not only have the best of everything else, but their location is second to none.

What about nightlife outside the resort? Are you stuck in a remote location with little to do?

Do they have top restaurants, casinos, spas, golf courses and nightclubs and how far are they from the property?

Many adult resorts that charge less don't offer these things and are in a small town or remote area. Do your homework!

If they have golf nearby, you will probably be in the clubhouse in minutes. World famous isn’t just a title to get people through the door. These places actually deliver. 

What would you want more? Coming home from a vacation spent traveling to anything remotely fun, or having it all at your immediate disposal? 

When I travel to a luxury resort, I know exactly what to expect. I know that the advertised location will be exactly that. No surprises. No bullshit. 

The last thing you want is to have regrets about your vacation experience. Good quality can not be faked. The resort either has it or it doesn’t. 

What Can You Expect From Luxury Sex Resorts?

Beautiful Russian escort by poo at sex resortl

So what can you expect from a luxury sex resort? The short answer is everything. 

If you can think of it, you can have it (within reason of course). When you arrive you should be treated like a VIP. You shouldn’t have to pay for that type of treatment. 

You should not want for anything on your vacation. The staff should ensure that all your wants and desires are being met. 

When you arrive they have VIP airport service available for you at no extra charge. You are whisked through Customs and Immigration without the hassle of standing in line with everyone else and your private car is waiting for you. You start your vacation in style.

If you want a gourmet meal from your private chef, it’s available. Want to enjoy the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen, they are on site. Maybe you're looking to enjoy a particular experience, the resort will ensure that happens by providing your own personal concierge.

The food, staff and service should be outstanding. The female company should be even better. You should leave your vacation with a thousand year smile. That’s what you should expect. 

If you want to see the most pristine and beautiful beaches, that’s exactly what you will get. Want a threesome? Want a girlfriend experience? At the best resorts, all that is available for you to enjoy. 


At the best sex resorts privacy is a big deal. They have first class accommodations all with the privacy anyone would want for a fantasy vacation. 

They have strict security measures in place to protect their guests and the women. Some men come to the resort and don’t leave the room, except to eat and drink. Others like to explore the surroundings a little more. 

A luxury resort has enough privacy to accommodate every type of client. The most exclusive sex resorts also offer private excursions for guests and the women accompanying them. 

Maybe the resort has their own boat that can be used to privately explore the island? Not a bad way to spend an afternoon. But the main thing is they are discreet and take the privacy of their guests very seriously.

The Women

Three sexy escorts on sex vacation in Punta CanaI know what you really want to hear about. The women you will encounter. Just like with other aspects of travel, the women you will meet vary in quality.

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but you get what you pay for. There’s a huge difference between the quality and service you receive at a luxury sex resort. 

After all, you are the one paying for the entire experience. Why not have the vacation of a lifetime? 

If you are going to a sex resort, you want to be awestruck by the women you encounter. If that’s not the case, why bother going?

Anyone can get laid on vacation, I’m talking about the stuff of fantasies. If I wanted just an average experience, I’d go to a bar and hire a local prostitute for an hour.

I wouldn’t spend my money and time traveling to have that fantasy fulfilled. You’re not coming to a resort like this for average. You’re going to the resort for the extraordinary.

Let’s Talk Quality

As a single man, I’ve had my fair share of sexual experiences. I’m not bad looking and I can say with confidence that I can pull a 6 or even an 7 on a good day. 

However, getting a solid 10 who treats me like a king? Not even on my best day. What about having a threesome with two beautiful girls? Only in my dreams.

A quality woman at a luxury resort is the total package. They are beauty, brains, and dripping with sexuality. They are every man’s fantasy.

The best part is they are available to you. They are used to catering to men who expect the best, and that’s exactly what they bring to the table. 

Ever had a fantasy about being with a supermodel? Guess what? You can make that a reality at a luxury sex resort. The women at the best sex resorts are absolutely unbelievable. You will truly think you stepped out of your old life and into the pages of a magazine. 

Those women you’ve always dreamed about are right there, for you. They want your company. They want to be with you. The sky’s the limit. This is exactly why you come to a luxury resort like this. Flawless perfection and the fulfillment of your every fantasy. 

Think about what your perfect night with a woman (or two) might be. Now imagine that you can make that fantasy come true. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not.

These women are here to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime. They will make it their mission to have you leave with a smile like you’ve never had before. This is the vacation you’ll think about when you’re old. 

Variety of Escorts

Escort laying on bed at luxury sex resortWhen you choose to go to a luxury sex resort, there is quite a bit of variety. Always had a fantasy about a Russian blonde? What makes Russian women so damn special anyway? You can find her and other European beauties at a few of the better resorts. 

Want to spend your time with a Latin babe that is top model material? She’s available for you as well. 

When you use the services provided at a good adult resort, you are guaranteed to get an amazing woman every single time. And if you want to be with a different woman the next day, it's no problem and should not result in any extra charges.

With some escort services, the best women are not always available. Bait and switch is often common practice. You might think you’re getting a 10, but that’s not who shows up. 

The best sex resorts have the companions and their profiles available for you to view and guarantee those girls are currently at their resort. That way, you can rest assured that your fantasy will become a reality. 

A luxury resort understands their clients are used to getting what they want. It is their responsibility to provide a variety of women that will appeal to the largest demographic of men.

With my own experience I felt like I was thumbing through the pages of an underwear model menu. I was completely satisfied with my choice. You can be too if you choose the right resort. 

The best of what Europe and Latin America had to offer all in one location. I spent time with a tall, beautiful European blonde one day and a Latin beauty the next. I couldn’t stop smiling for weeks after. Even my friends were wondering why I was so happy. The ones who knew where I went understood why. It really is an experience unlike any other. 

Discretion is Valued

For many men, the need for discretion is very important. They have important jobs or other responsibilities. The last thing you want is to find a picture of you has been leaked, creating an unnecessary impact on your personal or professional life. 

The women at the better sex resorts are used to high profile clients who want a discreet vacation. Scandals involving high profile clients and discreet VIP escorts are few and far between.

These women don’t want any unnecessary attention drawn to them either as many are not "pros" but instead are University students and career-minded young women. They also have a private life they rightfully want to protect. They understand that it is in the best interests of all involved parties to keep the experience private. 

Beauty and Brains

Couple having sex on a nude beachA beautiful woman is definitely something to be desired. However, the top sex resorts have women with beauty and brains. 

These are high quality women who can hold down a conversation, speak multiple languages and most have University degrees. Politics, current events, music, art and other topics are all on the menu. 

They are outgoing and have personalities that you will want to be around. After all, you might be spending four or five days in her company. 

You’re going to want to talk at one point or another and get to know her. Especially if you want more of a girlfriend experience (gfe).

These women will make you feel the way a man should. Capable, strong, desired. If time with one of these women doesn’t boost your confidence, nothing else will.

Escort Quality Makes a Huge Difference 

There is a big difference between a cheap escort and a VIP escort. Ultimately, the difference is not only in the variety and quality of the women, but how the resort treats them as well. Women at the VIP sex resorts are professionals and highly respected. 

They are not a commodity. They provide a valued resource that is mutually beneficial. A high quality woman can make a good amount of money a few months a year at a top resort. 

This allows them the freedom to pursue other avenues and still make a good living. Often, the resorts will get models, aspiring actresses and business-minded women who like to make some extra money to fund their careers. 

Other times, the women just enjoy being the object of desire and want an exciting vacation too. It’s a turn-on for them also and many escorts enjoy sex with clients. Especially those that are every day women and not "pros".. That’s why so many will continue working at a resort that treats them well with a respectful clientele. 

If a woman loves what she is doing, it makes her even more beautiful. It radiates off her. That glow is contagious. She will make you want more, and won’t leave you disappointed. 

Expected Etiquette

Vip escort at Domnican Republic adult resort

It’s important to understand that these are quality women of the highest caliber. They will expect you to be a gentleman. They will expect you to treat them well.

This probably isn’t a news flash to anyone. Think about it this way. The better you treat them, the better they treat you. 

Treat her with dignity and respect and you’ll unlock her true passion. Spoil her. She is going to spoil you in ways you’ve only dreamed of. 

The women will accompany you during every part of your vacation when you want company. Let me tell you friends, life is so much better with a beautiful woman by your side. 

You want to make this experience as amazing for her as it is for you. 

The more you actively show her a great time, the better it is for you. Don’t be afraid to be a little romantic. Open doors, light candles, wear some nice clothes and take her for a romantic dinner. 

She will definitely appreciate the effort. Surprise her with her favorite perfume, or some flowers. These small details will help your overall experience. 

When your time with her is over, leave her a generous tip and tell her how much you appreciated and enjoyed her time. 

If she is with you for multiple days, wait until your time together is over before leaving a tip for her. 

What's On Your Sex Bucket List?

Man kissing beautiful escort on sex vacation in Dominican RepublicYou do have a sexual bucket list don't you? A vacation at one of the top sex resorts is something that you need to experience. Notice I didn’t say you want to experience. This is beyond a want. It’s a need.

Like breathing, eating, and...well, you get the point.

No vacation you have ever taken before will compare to your experience at luxury getaway like this.

There are a lot of benefits to taking any kind of vacation. Improved health and creativity. Pull yourself out of a slump.

So maybe you just want to improve your overall quality of life. 

Regardless of your reasons for needing to escape, this is the type of vacation you need to give you new perspective. 

Let’s face it. Life is about passion. Those moments that stay in our memories forever.

Do you think that vacation to Colorado is going to do that? I can tell you it won’t. 

I’ve taken many traditional vacations and not one of them even comes close. Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Total bullshit compared to my vacation at a great sex resort. 

I’m a writer and creativity is what pays my bills. After I returned from my vacation, I was unstoppable. I was booking higher paying and better jobs than I ever had before. 

At first, I thought it was just because I was relaxed from such a great vacation but that wasn’t really the case though.

I was more than relaxed and came back a new man with a renewed confidence and drive like I hadn’t experienced in years. My creativity and passion was on overdrive. I was having a lot of new success on the dating front as well. 

I had experienced the pinnacle of sensuality and pleasure. Women I once found intimidating but now I walked up to with total confidence. Guess what? It worked. Time and time again, I was the guy who landed the woman getting all the attention. 

I know this probably seems too good to be true. For a moment, I almost thought it was. My renewed spirit has helped me become a success personally and professionally. Sure, some of that is my own drive and passion but it wasn’t until after I took a sex vacation that all these good things started happening. 

It happened for me. Why can’t it happen for you? 

While you might not have the life changing results I did, you will have a memory of a vacation that’s hard to duplicate. Unless you go back. Which I also recommend. 

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